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Healthy cycles & matriarchal post-birth experiences

Your body, your stories ~ our menstrual culture, our world

Let's work together to create the more nourishing life we know is possible & remember what it feels like to thrive

Welcome ~ I'm Hayley and I'm glad you found me

I’m working to restore life-sustaining connections between our bodies, cycles, soul and the living world that supports us. 

Through my offerings as a sensory herbalist, regenerative gardener, birth story listener, fertility awareness educator and culture shaper, I guide menstruators towards healthy cycles and matriarchal post-birth experiences so they are resourced to live a meaningful life.

I’m passionate about creating a menstrual health culture where our cycles are understood and respected as an initiatory pathway to wellness, wisdom, elderhood and cultural/ ecological restoration. 

My work offers a place for our fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and matrescence stories to be witnessed and honoured for the power and significance they carry ~ for ourselves and our shared culture.


A note about 1:1 therapeutic support in troubled times

There is nothing wrong with you because you are experiencing challenges, uncomfortable feelings or physical symptoms. You are where you are on your journey and that in itself is a miracle. I can and will make things feel easier for you but I do not claim to heal or fix you because I do not believe you are broken. 

I believe what you experience is a reflection of something far bigger.

The work we embark on together holds an awareness that we live in a culture and an economic system that isn’t set up for our optimum wellness. We are also human animals living in ecosystems experiencing climate chaos and biodiversity collapse.

I consider many of the health challenges we see around us to be appropriate responses to the way things are. This is a troubled time when we all face multiple challenges together that impact our individual health. 

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” [Krishnamurti]

I can’t change the way things are but I can guarantee to walk the path with you: to witness, listen and guide you towards greater ease, health and wellness.

Tending to our individual wellbeing is a big part of the collective change we so desperately need. It is as an act of deep love, self respect and social responsibility to recognise you need support. 

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