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Healthy cycles & matriarchal post-birth experiences

Your body, your stories ~ our menstrual culture, our world

Let's work together to create the more nourishing life we know is possible & remember what it feels like to thrive

Welcome ~ I'm Hayley and I'm glad you found me

I’m working to restore life-sustaining connections between our bodies, cycles, soul and the living world that supports us. 

Through my offerings as a sensory herbalist, regenerative gardener, birth story listener, fertility awareness educator and culture shaper, I guide menstruators and birthing people towards healthy cycles and matriarchal post-birth experiences so they are resourced to live a meaningful life.

I’m passionate about creating a menstrual health culture where our cycles are understood and respected as an initiatory pathway to wellness, wisdom, elderhood and cultural/ ecological restoration. 

My work offers a place for our fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and matrescence stories to be witnessed and honoured for the power and significance they carry ~ for ourselves and our shared culture.

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