A tea ritual for mothers

Dear mothers,

My offering of the new mother’s heart & soul tea is an invitation, a wish and a longing that we actively cultivate a fierce connection to our heart and soul throughout our mothering journey. I offer us this ritual as a moment we can take for ourselves to intentionally, lovingly tend to our hearts and tune into what will truly feed our soul.

You are the centre of your child or children’s world; you are the hearth and heart-space of your family.

When your heart and soul are present, nourished and replenished, it sends ripples of nourishment out to everyone around you. Your child or children, family and community are nourished with you.

The culture most of us are mothering within means there are many visible and invisible demands on us. Understandably, my invitation might feel difficult to achieve. We all know how easy it is to lose ourselves in the unrelenting demands of motherhood, let alone the many demands on us from other areas of life.

I understand first hand how much you are having to do, hold and sacrifice through your role as a mother. I thank you and I see you for all of it. I know it can sometimes feel near impossible to tend to yourself, your needs and your wellbeing. So how can we feel truly nourished and replenished with all of these demands? In my experience, mothering within this culture and through these times whilst feeling well and replenished requires a lot of support, work, practice and ritual. 

Yet at the same time, this world so desperately needs mother’s occupying their hearts and walking the path of their soul. So let’s make sure that we remind each other to take the times to truly resource ourselves. The good news is that herbs can really help us.

The Mother’s heart and soul tea is a blend of wild rose, hawthorn blossom, lavender and lemonbalm; organically grown, carefully hand gathered and blended with love in my home apothecary here in South Devon.

Lemonbalm calms and uplifts, lavender relaxes and hawthorn blossom connects us in with our heart; all the while held and protected by tender loving wild rose. This tea is a deeply calming blend perfect for mothering mothers; offering us a chance to slow down and return to ourselves, our feelings and our own real experience. 

The mother’s heart & soul tea calls you fully home to yourself.

Create this tea ritual pause for yourself and set an intention to turn your gaze towards yourself, your heart and soul. Claim this tea ritual as a window of time solely for you. Nothing to do, nothing to think about, nobody needing anything from you ~ a time just for you.

Carved out some precious time to be by yourself for your tea ritual and get clear about where and how you need it to be. Where will you be uninterrupted? What can you do to make yourself feel more relaxed and comfortable?

Choose your favourite mug or tea pot and brew your tea with boiling water for 10 minutes. As you pour the water over the herbs, set an intention to return home to your heart and soul. Use the brewing time to simply be with yourself in any way that feels good. You might just sit quietly or focus on your breathing, orient in the space, do something to ground, stretch or journal; whatever works for you.

Once your tea is brewed, sip it slowly and mindfully. Imagine the many other mothers who’ve also received this tea doing the same with you; a ritual to connect us together through our shared experience of motherhood. You are not alone in this.

While drinking your tea, focus on any sensations in your body and notice any images, words, thoughts or feelings that come. 

Here are some questions to help guide you as you drink your tea;

How is my heart? What does it need? How is my soul? What does it need? 

What lights me up? What makes me feel alive? What makes me feel loved and valued? 

What one thing can I commit to give or do for myself to tend and feed my heart and soul on a regular basis?


Take your time, listen in, feel and gather in any insights that come. Write them down or draw them ~ including one commitment you can make to yourself right now as a step towards tending your heart and soul throughout your mothering journey. You are at the centre of your children’s world and you are so worthy of this nourishment. Remember this.

I hope you enjoy this new blend of tea. I hope also that you receive some insight for how to support yourself on your motherhood journey. I hold a tea ritual for myself once or twice a week and its amazing the difference it makes to my mothering week. It helps keep me in the moment and on track with my own path alongside my role as a mother. 

I’d love to hear how this was for you and whether you enjoyed the tea. Say hi at hello@pellarandpollen.com or leave a comment below and please share this with other mamas. 

The mother’s heart and soul tea blend is available here. If you need any support on your mothering journey, you can get in touch here to book a free connection call to find out how I can help you

From one mama to another; in love, grief and solidarity.