Welcome ~ I’m so glad you’ve found this.

I’m Hayley (she/her). I am a mother, birth story listener, fertility empowerment mentor, menstrual awareness teacher, sensory herb practitioner and regenerative horticulturist working from Dartington in South Devon in England.

This virtual place is where I offer my work, resources, words and home-grown herbal remedies and home-made creations. I created Pellar & pollen for my various areas of work to sit together with a shared purpose: to inspire a loving presence and participation with ourselves, our bodies and the land that supports us.

~ Qualifications & training ~

I am a trained Birth Story Listener through the Birth Story Medicine Process. I completed my training in September 2021 with Pam England as my teacher and mentor.

I studied Herbalism with Sensory Solutions and qualified as a Sensory Herb Practitioner in 2020. I have been guiding clients using this healing framework since 2018.

I am a certified NFPTA teacher of the Sympto-Thermal practice of Natural Family Planning and have many years experience using it as both a form of contraception and to conceive. I have been mentoring women and couples for greater menstrual awareness and fertility empowerment since 2017.

I apprenticed in Sustainable Horticulture at Schumacher College in 2014. I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate and have trained with the Agroforestry Research Trust. I have worked as a vegetable grower at School Farm CSA which is now home to the herbal apiary garden. As a wild apiarist and bee person, I trained with the British Beekeeping Association and the National Beekeeping Trust.

I worked as a Designer and Architect (BA, MArch, ARB) for 15 years on a wide range of architectural and landscape design projects ~ most recently contributing to the design and delivery of the community led development Atmos TotnesIn this time I also taught in design studios and lectured at The University of Plymouth, Portsmouth University and the Architectural Association. I am no longer practicing as an architect to focus on my role as a mother but I still teach about redefining the role of the Architect for social and ecological change. 

I have received training from the following people/organisations: Pam England, Trauma informed parenting, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Marion Rose, Sensory Solutions, Extinction Rebellion, The Oxford Real Farming Conference, Rachael Alaia, Chris Holland, Suzi Crockford, The Agroforestry Trust, The Red School, Ffyona Campbell, Tools for Conscious Collaboration, Embercombe, Schumacher College, Lambeth Friends of the Earth, Studio in the Woods.

~ Influence ~

I acknowledge and give thanks for the mentorship, teaching, books and influence from these people who have guided and enriched my curiosity for this work: Polly Higgins, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Fiona Heckels, Karen Lawton, Martin Crawford, Joanna Macy, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Marion Woodman, Dr Christine Northrup, Julia Duthie, Ina May Gaskin, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Pam England, Caroline Myss, Nicky Bell, Toni Spencer, Matthew Wood, David Hoffman, Patrick Holford, Pip Waller, Elaine Aron, Dave Goulson, Tom Seeley, David Abram, Gabor Mate, Lyla June Johnston, Charles Eisenstein, George Monbiot, Robert Macfarlane, Stephen Jenkinson, Sharon Blackie, Michael Meade, Pat McCabe, Claire Dubois, Nikita Gill.

Hayley Anderson – 07929639569 – hello@pellarandpollen.com ​

Fertility empowerment & menstrual awareness teacher | Sensory herbalist | Birth story medicine | Horticulturist | Wild Apiarist