~ Welcome ~
I'm Hayley and I'm glad you've found me.

I’m working to remember and restore life-sustaining connection through cycles, soul and place. I want our stories and real experiences to be seen, told, held and honoured. I want a menstrual culture where our cycle is understood as an initiatory pathway to health, restoration, wisdom, purpose and elderhood. I want our struggles and hard truths welcomed in, understood and transformed into connection for soft power, equality, leadership and systemic change.

What do you want?

Let's work together to cultivate the more nourishing, meaningful life we know is possible. May we remember what it feels like for us, our family, our community and the living world to thrive.

Who am I?

I am mother to a daughter (2 years old) and a spirit baby, partner to a beautiful man, lover of tea and this cyclical, re-villaging life I have chosen amongst plants and bees.

I am trained as a birth story listener, sympto-thermal fertility awareness method educator, sensory herb practitioner, solution based therapist and regenerative horticulturist. Within each of these roles and the space between them, I bring presence, active listening, knowledge, courage, sensitivity, myth and ritual to what is it that needs tending.

I offer 1:1 sessions online, at the healing ground of the herbal apiary herb garden in Dartington (Devon) or in your home. I hold contained, trauma informed, brave spaces for clients to ensure the work we do together is done safely and respectfully.

I am committed to making my work accessible and active in addressing systems of oppression. Have a read of my financial accessibility statement for more information about my prices and concessions.

If you have any questions, an enquiry or would like to connect, I’d love to hear from you ~ send me an email at hello@pellarandpollen.com.

What do I bring that's different?

I am a deep, active listener who sees truth and complexity with ease. I work with knowledge based understanding alongside embodied instinct, intuition and forgotten languages. I arrived at this work steadily through ecological and societal grief accompanied by a reverence for our original selves, wild bodies, real feelings and innate connection with the living world. 

I meet people wherever they are on their path of growth and healing, instigate a remembering of who they already innately are and support who they are becoming.

In addition to formal training, I draw from a rich personal healing journey, my own messy rites of passage and a range of life experiences including:

~ deep belonging and nourishment cultivated from childhood emotional neglect 

~ witnessing pregnancy loss from a young age

~ navigating this culture as a highly sensitive, introverted, empathic woman 

~ ecological awakenings from a young age; embodied experiences of innate membership in the earth community and greater web of life 

~ experiencing 4 different schools and 8 house moves by age 13 

~ making it through ungracious parental divorce during challenging teen years 

~ emerging from periods of chronic anxiety and burn out during 20s 

~ recovering from being a party girl, people pleaser, over-worker, over-giver, rescuer and co-dependant (phew!) 

~ tending periods of estrangement within my family of origin 

~ a decade of menstrual cycle awareness, tracking, charting and menstrual wellness practices 

~ insisting on rest days for my inner winter within male dominated work places

~ a range of rural, village, suburban and city work/life experiences 

~ departure from a respected, male dominated profession to follow heart and soul

~ a decade of conscious connection through partnership 

~ a decade healing through tending land closely: unlearning alongside soil, plants and bees 

~ lovingly inviting and ending pregnancy in my body 

~ surrendering to months of debilitating pregnancy nausea 

~ retraining and building a business to honour mothering

~ transforming birth trauma following on paper ‘perfect’ home birth 

~ surviving becoming a mother during a pandemic 

~ raising a secure, spirited daughter (teacher)

~ ongoing cultivation of self care alongside community care: showing up to sisterhood and re-villaging

Qualifications & training

I am a trained Birth Story Listener and Solution Based Therapist working with the Birth Story Medicine process. I completed a 6 month training between April – September 2021 with Pam England as my teacher and mentor. I continue to receive advanced mentoring from the Birth Story Medicine School and attend advanced classes. I am insured to offer these sessions. 

I studied Herbalism with Karen Lawton and Fiona Heckels between October 2017 and December 2020. I qualified as a Sensory Herb Practitioner in 2020 and have been guiding clients with this healing framework in mind since 2018. I am fully insured to practice as a Sensory Herb Practitioner in the UK. 

I am a certifed NFPTA teacher of the Sympto-Thermal practice of Natural Family Planning. I have been working with the method since 2016 both as both a form of natural contraception and to achieve conception. I have been mentoring menstruators and couples for greater menstrual awareness and fertility empowerment using this method since 2017. I hold insurance to teach this work. 

I apprenticed in Sustainable Horticulture during a 6 month residency at Schumacher College in 2014. I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate and have also trained with the Agroforestry Research Trust. I worked as a grower at School Farm CSA which is now the home of my herb garden. 

I received my first training in beekeeping from the British Beekeeping Association and later, from the Natural Beekeeping Trust. I gained most of my bee knowledge from too many books to mention, dedicated observation practices and much time spent with honeybees and wild bees. 

I spent 14 years (2005 – 2019) working in the field of architecture and design (qualifications: BA Hons First class, MArch Commendation and ARB registered 2013-19). I worked on a wide range of architectural, landscape design projects and natural playscapes. My final contribution was working on the community led development, Atmos Totnes between 2015 and 2019. I was an associate design tutor at The University of Plymouth and a visiting tutor at Portsmouth University and the Architectural Association.

I have received training and attended workshops with the following people/organisations: Red School, Upfront, Revolution from home, Julia Robinson, Orphan Wisdom, Pam England, Trauma Informed Parenting, The Aware Parenting Institute, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Marion Rose, Sensory Solutions, Extinction Rebellion, The Oxford Real Farming Conference, Rachael Alaia, Chris Holland, Suzi Crockford, The Agroforestry Trust, Ffyona Campbell, Tools for Conscious Collaboration, Embercombe, Schumacher College, Lambeth Friends Of The Earth, Studio In The Woods.


Expressing thanks for the mentorship, teachings, healing, education and influence from the following people who guide and enrich my work. In no particular order ~

Polly Higgins, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Joanna Macy, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Marion Woodman, Dr Christine Northrup, Sobonfu Some, Ina May Gaskin, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Caroline Myss, Beth Berry, Julia Robinson, Nicky Bell, Toni Spencer, Gemma Mallol, Julia Duthie, Matthew Wood, Ian Siddons Heginworth, David Hoffman, Patrick Holford, Pip Waller, Elaine Aron, Dave Goulson, Tom Seeley, David Abram, Gabor Mate, Lyla June Johnson, Charles Eisenstein, George Monbiot, Robert Macfarlane, Bill Plotkin, Sharon Blackie, Michael Meade, Francis Weller, Pat McCabe, Claire Dubois, Nikita Gill, Desiree Wegner, Stephen Jenkinson