As a qualified Birth Story Listener, I guide people through the Birth Story Medicine® process to talk through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum birth experiences to honour and integrate any challenging feelings. I understand that every pregnancy (no matter how long you carried your baby) results in a birth. Know that our time together can give space to any abortion births and miscarriage births that need their story heard with compassion.  

Birth story medicine benefits anyone needing support, witness, resolution or integration around their pregnancy, birth or postpartum experiences. It involves deep, active listening to you, the story teller, and your uniquely personal story.

I offer a safe, trauma informed space for you to be witnessed and heard with compassion. During a session, you are guided to receive insight and medicine for your unique challenge(s) relating to your fertility and birth experiences. I am always astounded and heartened by the difference a single session can make to a story teller’s life. 

These sessions are available to child free mothers, to parents, co-parents, birth partners and birth professionals. 

Each 90min long online session is valued at £65. Childcare and privacy is required during your session. Cancellations can be rescheduled or refunded with at least 24 hours notice.

If you think you could benefit from this work, click to book your session below or contact me to arrange a free 10min welcoming conversation to explore if you would like to work together. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hayley Anderson – 07929639569 – ​

Fertility empowerment & menstrual awareness teacher | Sensory herbalist | Birth story medicine | Horticulturist | Wild Apiarist