Birth story medicine

Our stories are made by those who receive them

Birth includes miscarriage birth, abortion birth and stillbirth.

Birth story work gives attention to a process already unfolding within you; it is one of the essential tasks of your journey through birth. 

I offer sessions to sort through the story you bringing to birth. To complete your birth as a journey, you must complete your story. When you are ready to transform the story you are bringing from birth, I’m here to help. My intention is that the story you bring to each session ~ and the meaning you’ve been giving it ~ will change in some way, so you will carry a new story with new meaning for your life.

Are you ready to feel a shift in how you feel about your birth story?

Birth by its nature changes us. Challenging or unresolved feelings following a birth related experience are very understandable. Experiencing a longing for your birth story to be seen, heard and received is natural. 

We live in a culture where there are so many different opinions, judgements and beliefs around birth which can make it feel hard, confusing and even unsafe for us to talk about freely. If you’re having difficultly talking about your birth experience or carry feelings about it that are affecting the way you feel about yourself, your relationships and your ability to show up fully in your life, I can help. 

You do not have to walk this path alone.

I see time and again how much acceptance and relief is found through the sharing and telling of our birth stories in a held space. This is the case even (and especially) if it feels very difficult. I will support and guide you to explore and express anything in your story that is impacting you. We do this work at a trauma informed pace that works for you ~ we will go as deep as you are ready for.  

In a culture where the journey from conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond isn’t acknowledged enough, it becomes profound work to claim the birth stories that shape who we are (becoming).

Is it time your story be heard?

Birth story medicine sessions benefit anyone wanting to feel more at ease with their birth or birth related experience ~ including birthing people, fathers, birth partners and birth professionals.

As a trained birth story listener, I guide story tellers through a gentle yet powerful process of sharing their story to explore any challenging or unresolved feelings and arrive at a place of self compassion and acceptance for what happened. Sessions are held in a confidential, brave space and involve active, compassionate listening alongside mentoring and solution focused therapy techniques.

Each session and each story teller is completely unique; yet all stories shared in this way respect the story teller’s real experience and real feelings to support them to accept and own what happened from a place of self compassion. I am deeply moved by the difference a single session can make to people’s lives. 

Your investment

Sessions last an hour and are valued at £75. We can meet online or in person. Privacy (and childcare if necessary) is required during your session. 

Click the link below or email me at to book your session. 


If finances are a barrier for you in receiving support, please do still get in touch. For information about access to concessions, please read my financial accessibility statement

Cancellation policy

At the time of booking your consultation, I ask you to pay in full to confirm your booking. By paying the fee for the session you indicate your agreement to these cancellation terms. If you have any questions about the policy please discuss them with me before paying for your session. If you need to reschedule or cancel the consultation after you have paid the following cancellation terms apply:

~ Consultations may be rescheduled free of charge or fully refunded with 48 hours notice.

May your story be heard and held in the presence of someone who will honour both your vulnerability and your resilience.

I am a trained birth story listener and member of the Birth Story Medicine school where receive ongoing mentorship, supervision and advanced training. I am fully insured to offer this work.