Birth story medicine sessions.

Please note that when I refer to ‘birth’, I include birth as well as miscarriage birth, abortion birth and stillbirth. When I say ‘birth related experience’, I am including anything related to conception, pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.

In a culture where the journey from conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond isn’t acknowledged enough, it is profound work to claim and integrate the birth stories that shape who we are. 

I want you to know that you matter, your story matters and the stories we tell collectively about birth matter.

Challenging, unresolved feelings carried from an birth or birth related experience are natural. I would say they are also a healthy response when within this culture. There are so many different opinions, polarising beliefs, brave and hard discussions around birth. If your responses and feelings about birth are affecting the way you feel about yourself, your relationships & your ability to show up fully in your life, I can help. You are not alone in this and you do not have to carry this alone. 

There is peace, clarity, healing integration and valuable insight to be found through sharing and telling your birth story(s) in a held, private space. This is the case even, and especially, if it feels very difficult or traumatic. I can support & guide you to explore, express & transform anything that is impacting you. My presence following the birth story medicine process ensures this is done privately, safely & in a judgement free, trauma informed space. 

Is this for me?

Birth story medicine sessions benefit anyone wanting to feel at ease with their birth or birth related experiences. Sessions are suitable for birthing people and anyone who was witness to birth including mothers, fathers, birth partners and birth professionals. 

As a qualified birth story listener, I guide birth story tellers through a gentle yet powerful process of talking through their experiences and any challenging feelings so they can reach a place of peace and understanding about what happened. Sessions involve active, compassionate listening, mentoring and solution focused therapy techniques in a brave, trauma informed space.

As we go through the birth story medicine process together, I support and guide you to speak your story whilst welcoming loving acceptance for whatever happened. Through this work together, we uncover what you need to accept your story and go forward from a place of understanding and deep self compassion. Each birth story session and each story teller is completely unique; yet all stories shared in this way respect the story teller’s real experience, real feelings and supports them to accept and own it from a place of self compassion.

Once you’ve been through the birth story medicine process, you’ll see how your unique story is shaping the person you are becoming because what happened to you happened. I am always deeply moved by the difference a single session can make. 

Your investment

Sessions are an hour long and valued at £60.

For information about concessions, please read my financial accessibility statement.

We can meet online or in person. Privacy (and childcare if necessary) is required during your session. Your payment will confirm your session booking. Cancellations can be rescheduled with 24 hours notice.

Email me at to enquire about a session.

I look forward to hearing from you.