Financial accessibility statement.

An overview; first I do no harm

It is my aim to create a truly sustainable business built on cyclical wisdom that first, causes no harm and beyond that, works to support our personal and collective healing.

First causing no harm means also first causing no harm to myself. My pricing is carefully considered to honour the time and energy I use supporting others. Know that through my prices and the brave container I hold, I am first showing up for myself from a place of resource and support ~ because I want to thrive as as a working mother within a patriarchal, capitalist culture.

My hope is that my transparency brings you a level of trust and safety as a potential client. I am not willing to perpetuate patriarchal systems through my work ~ particularly not by burning out as a working mother.

I am still learning how best to offer this work in a way that promotes equality. I welcome your feedback and suggestions to ensure I better achieve this. I am always listening and encourage you to share anything you see or experience while working with me that will help me to address equality and systemic oppression through this work. I welcome feedback and offer a brave space for discussion around this area. Please reach out.

Access to concessions and exchanges

The full investment I ask for has been calculated rationally and purposefully based on the time and energy that I offer and the value I bring. The investment I ask for enables me to pay myself a living wage for 1:1 sessions plus the work I need to do beyond that (admin, receiving supervision and mentoring, marketing, writing treatment plans, growing and processing herbs etc). 

If you can afford to invest fully, I ask you do to so. If you are white, if you own your own home, if you are physically able to earn a salary of <£18,000, I ask for you to invest fully. 

If you are unemployed, a single mother or carer, receiving benefits because you can’t work, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or historically marginalised and finances are a barrier for you in receiving support for your health, please get in touch. I offer a limited number of concessionary consultations a month which can be booked up by you in advance to ensure you have access to my work. I am also open to part-exchanges so feel free to make me an offer.

My status and personal context

I am white, cisgender, able-bodied and neurotypical. I identify as a woman using she/her pronouns. My ancestry composition is 99.2% North Western European and my ancestors have lived and worked on land in England since the 1700s. I became a mother at the start of 2020. I co-habit with her father, my partner. He owns our home. My partner is the main financial support for our nuclear family with a full time salary. Before becoming a mother my average self employed salary was £19,000. I returned to work 9-12 hours a week in Feb 2022. 

In 2019, I took early parental leave due to debilitating pregnancy nausea that left me unable to work. I was/still am self employed so received statutory maternity pay (£156.66 a week for 9 months which was not enough to support myself). I leaned on limited lifetime savings, covid payouts and my partner’s salary to have parental leave for 12 months postpartum.

Post-natal depression brought on through becoming a mother during the pandemic alongside my partner’s need to work away from home impacted my ability to return to work for about a year. During 2022, I have continued to be the stay at home parent whilst steadily developing my work part time to fit alongside the demands of motherhood.

We pay for private childcare in order for me to work during term times. Until April 2023 (when we will have access to free childcare) our childcare costs are £144 a week (£5328 a year). At the moment, the cost of childcare is an investment in myself and my work and I am not making a profit.

Motherhood; feminism’s unfinished business!

I mother and work within the context of a nuclear family without ‘a village’. As a stay at home parent without access local family support (ie: no relatives for free childcare), the care-giving load on me is huge. It is therefore important I tend to my own wellness before supporting clients. One way I do this is by pricing my services appropriately which honours my time and energy. The personal context I have shared here and the cost of childcare has been considered in my pricing. Know that the prices I set to offer this work allow me to support you from a place of resource in myself.

Thank you for reading this.

This is a recent report about the impact being a mother has on income.

A note on 1:1 healing

There is nothing wrong with you because you’re experiencing any of the challenges you are facing. You are where you find yourself now on your journey. I can and will improve things for you but I do not claim to heal or fix because I do not believe you are broken.

It is important to have an awareness that you and I live in a culture that is not set up to innately support our wellness. As a result, have to work at it. I see many of the health challenges I witness around me as perfectly healthy responses to the state of things in our culture right now. 

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” [Krishnamurti]

There are many challenges we all face within this society, economic system and time of multiple crises.

I cannot heal or change the system we live in but I can guarantee to 100% walk the healing path alongside you: to witness, listen, help and guide you as best I can towards greater ease and wellness within the collective sickness. However, your wellness, experience and connection to yourself is compost for systemic change and why I do this work. Know that it is an act of self love, self respect and great social responsibility to recognise that you are not ok and seek my support. 

Thanks again for reading this.