For all sleeping beauties

In you is an infinite web of mythical people and hidden places waiting to be awoken; kingdoms and queendoms, the webbed realms of nature – the wild, the invisible and the small.

Waking up will feel and appear very different for you and for I. Depending on which mycorrhiza has fed us in complex and synergistic ways – depending on which parts of you have been able to grow (or not) and at whichever altitude and within whatever microclimate. Depending on what forces have weathered you and which particular patterns of nourishment (or not) have awoken the various parts of me.

Whoever you are and wherever you’ve grown, this is an invitation for you to wake up and gather absent parts. To coax out your trolls. Summon your queens (evil and all). Set your maiden princess free. Summon your kings (shadows and all). Love your prince. Wander great distances with your giants. Follow your crone. Call home your outcasts, your runaways and thieves. Fight alongside your warriors. Run with your wolves. Roll with your lover. Light beacons for your moorland pals, people of cliffs, bog friends, mountain folk and cave dwellers. Fly with your witch. Summon your blind fleshy underground ones, desert ancestors; bone-kin. Release your dragons. Sniff out your twisted wild ones, the filthy wiry ones, the gnarly lichen ones, the marginal ones, the invisible and the small. Delight in your fool. Invite your fairies (shadows and all).

Hold inner council with all parts of you; an inner congregation, an inner marriage of sorts. Shield all with a righteous kingly protection. Choose to feast all of you with the most wild and nourishing of foods – equally distributed. Choose to hydrate them all with the purest water and the sweetest mead – equally distributed. Wait! did you remember to invite the fairies – shadows and all?

Shake off your armour but keep roots deep and thorns at you side. Let each part take a space and have their say. Sing and laugh together. Rest. Scream and shout together. Spin the wheel of fate. Extend your perceptive edges and pause to listen to the space between voices. Take direction from emerging invisible truths. Rest. Cry together. Balance your receptive waters. Rest together.

If storms roll in or wild fires spark, sink yourself deep into moss and cling to the earth for nourishment. Persevere. One by one as these waking parts return home they come carrying signposts and insights for surviving as beauty on earth.

If you must sleep – then sleep with an underland perception and the whispers of ancient stone-kin. Sleep. Spin the wheel of fate. Obey your intuition. Become your own inner king. Stir yourself awake from the inside.