Grass, scything & healthy anger

My favourite photo from my pregnancy. My name comes from the Old English for a clearing in a hay meadow. When I was a child I remember feeling disappointed with that but now as a

Yarrow is calling us back

Human body ~ soil body ~ Yarrow is calling us back. Everything at the herbal apiary garden is looking lush after the much needed rain. Holly has been helping me harvest Yarrow leaves between the

Day 26 ~ Inner autumn

Day 26.Inner autumn.When the season outside marries perfectly with my inner hormonal world, I feel at peace. Nothing to reconcile ~ a permission to simply be.As progesterone takes hormonal dominance in my body, all the

Mothering through these times

Each day a mother-centered matriarchy unfurls from within me. My daughter’s watchful gaze guarantees my commitment to slowness ~ to presence with my body ~ to my wellness as a mother. All day & all night

Blackthorn resilience

I move through these days with an awareness that something is making its mark on us. We are called upon to be altered.•Slow daily meanderings with a sleeping babe on my chest find me swaying

Lessons from seed; what is essential?

I’ve spent these past days gathering in and processing seeds from the herbal apiary. Saving seed has become a vital part of my working year on the land as I expand the garden to meet

Make your own herbal smoke

This year I’m honoured to be making these smoke sticks* for our local Mankind Project group. It’s a wonderful feeling to know these herbs will go to support the important inner work of such amazing

For all sleeping beauties

In you is an infinite web of mythical people and hidden places waiting to be awoken; kingdoms and queendoms, the webbed realms of nature – the wild, the invisible and the small. Waking up will

Lavender for the Pre-Menstrum

Each month I bleed with the full moon so right now, I’m patiently awaiting my flow. The days leading up to this monthly release can be intense. Depending how easeful life has been during my

Introducing the moonlog practice

As women brought up in a patriarchical culture, we may need to learn how to invite the more receptive, feminine parts of ourselves forward in our lives. This can be hard work and take practice

The healing power of bees

This weekend I held a healing workshop at the wellness area at Port Eliot festival called ‘the healing power of bees’ with fellow bee friend Mark. We showed people the empty stardust hive and told

When bees die

Dear Stardust bees,   Your buzz is very faint and there’s no reply to a knock on the hive. No queen and only a few foragers, slow and tired are still at work. Your entrance

Welcoming honeybees; a true wild democracy

It’s swarm season for honeybees! The size of a honeybee colony fluctuates throughout the year: contracting in the winter and expanding towards mid summer to reach a critical mass able to reproduce through swarming. At

Notes from a bee stalker in February

Yesterday I woke up to a beautifully clear, sunny February morning. For the first time this year, I opened the door to welcome in the fresh air and beaming morning rays into the house. To

Winter Bumblebees

Winter is a reclusive season, a time for silence, reflection and dormancy. It seems so still out there without bees buzzing about but we’re lucky we can be sure that they will emerge once again

The bees of Eden

This August I cycled across the Devon countryside and into Cornwall to visit the Eden Project. I’d been meaning to visit for years and despite the challenging psychological battle with the hills, I’m very glad

How to find beefriendly honey

A while ago I posted a discussion about honey where I suggested a need for us to be more mindful of how much we consume at a time when honeybees are experiencing such vast ecological crisis. In this

Extra-floral activity

Walking home along the hedgerow the other day I was distracted by a deep humming sound. Being prime swarm season for honeybees, I got excited and thought I might finally be about to witness my

Dandelions and buzzing blossom

The past month has been a defining transition for me and my relationship with the bees. I’ve traded in a life in London sat at a desk with very little natural light or ventilation [leading

Wildflowers for bees

The British Beekeeper’s Association is promoting a lovely approach to beekeeping this year that is all about the forage. They say that even though we all want to be beekeepers, we can certainly all be

A discussion on honey

In the winter months honeybees are tucked away in their hives and the majority of our wild bumblebees are quietly hibernating underground. Often people are shocked to discover that honey is the food honeybees make to

Spread bee love, not pesticides

Today the two-year ban on neonicotinoid pesticides begins in the European Union. To mark the occasion I thought I’d share some of the bee concerns associated with the use of pesticides and share some ideas for