Fertility awareness is an intimate, lifelong relationship with body and self. Wherever you find yourself on your own unique fertility journey ~ Welcome.

 I’m here to support your menstrual wellbeing and fertility empowerment by teaching the fertility facts, revealing the power of the menstrual cycle and providing you with practical tools to confidently track and identify when you are fertile or infertile. I offer a brave space for those experiencing the power of a menstrual cycle to bring awareness and deep care to their fertility experiences and fertility hopes for the future.

Looking for greater menstrual awareness and a deepened connection with your cycle?

Learning to track your menstrual cycle is an easy and effective way to deepen an awareness of your body and its hormonal rhythm so you can cultivate greater menstrual wellbeing in your everyday life. I offer two approaches we offer you to start learning to tracking your cycle: the moonlog practice and charting through a Natural Family Planning (NFP) practice.

The moonlog is a 12 month lunar calendar that supports a self-led enquiry into your unique menstrual patterns and how they relate to the phases of the moon. This is ideal if you want to start bringing an awareness to your menstrual cycle but are not looking to chart your cycle for a form of natural contraceptive or conceive a pregnancy. 

Learning to chart your cycle through NFP practice introduces you in more depth to what is happening in your body throughout your fertility cycle and works well if you are looking to conceive or to prevent pregnancy naturally. It involves understanding, tracking and recording each of your fertility indicators (body temperature, cervix and your cervical mucus along with mood and other body symptoms) throughout the month to determine the phases you experience each cycle.

Looking for a reliable form of natural contraception?

Natural Family Planning is a practice that teaches you to confidently identify the fertile time in each menstrual cycle by tracking their cycle. This information can be used for deepening menstrual awareness, creating greater menstrual wellbeing, to achieve pregnancy or to prevent pregnancy. 

When taught and practised correctly, NFP is 98% effective as a form of contraception. By comparison, the pill is 91-99% effective and the morning after pill is 95% effective. Please be aware that no method of contraception is 100% effective in ‘controlling’ fertility – not even sterilisation! 

[Ref: G.Freundi: Adv. Contraception 1993, European Multicentre Study of NFP] 

Looking to conceive naturally? 

Following the method I teach will increase your chances of conception by 33%. 

[Ref: G.Freundi: Adv. Contraception 1993, European Multicentre Study of NFP] 

“I was introduced to NFP by my partner when we first got together. I’d been tracking my menstrual cycle with the moon for years so was familiar with tracking my cycle as a tool for deeper self awareness but was sceptical about using NFP as a form of contraception. I didn’t understand or trust it by just reading about it alone so I sought out a teacher. Having someone guide me through the cycle tracking process and helping me to interpret my charts each month helped me to gain confidence and trust with the practice. So far we have used the method for 2 years as a form as contraception and more recently, to conceive our first pregnancy in an empowered way. Understanding my fertility cycle has brought a deeper understanding of my natural feminine cycles and a huge respect for my female body.”

Louise, 35

“Natural fertility has changed my life drastically. I literally FEEL healthier now that I’m not on hormonal birth control. No more random headaches, yeasts infections, unexplainable random sharp pains, mood swings and a low sex drive that affected my relationship with my fiancé. If anything, I feel like natural fertility has made us closer. I am very grateful that I learned about it and that I will continue learning, practicing and growing. I’ve only been practicing it now for a few short months and it’s already done a 360 in my life. I no longer fear long or short-term side effects of hormonal birth control and I’m so glad that I came to the realisation that I really and truly do not NEED it.” 

Kayliesha, 20

Meet your guide

I’m Hayley and I love being real about menstrual and fertility wellbeing. I have lived experience of how understanding and living through our fertility cycle is a radical act that offers a many gifts for our health and empowerment as menstruators. 

I am a certified teacher of the Sympto-Thermal, Double Check Practice of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and have been supporting women and couples towards fertility empowerment since 2017. I’ve been tracking my fertility cycle as a wellbeing practice for over a decade using the pen and paper charts I create. Since 2015, I have used NFP as a form of contraception and in 2019 practised it to conceive our daughter. 

Wondering if I can help you? Let’s connect. Message to request a free 15 minute connection call here.

“Disrupting a healthy cycle with artificial hormones, never appealed to me. I googled “natural birth control”, thinking I would find some herbal recipes you shouldn’t trust. Instead I found the Symptothermal method of NFP and it BLEW MY MIND! I have always read my biology school books cover to cover even before the school year started. I had many physiology and endocrinology courses in college and I have never heard of the option before. I always thought my period was just naturally late every month (33-35-day cycles). Natural fertility has become a passion of mine. I love that I don’t have to cancel out my fertility. I feel that it is handled with care and respect, also by my partner. It opens up a dialog around my cycle and our intimacy, which benefits us greatly.”

Nurit, 39

“A friend introduced me to NPF when I was 20, a few months before I was going to be getting married. Now I couldn’t imagine not knowing what I do about my body! It has helped me realize that I don’t fit into the perfect 28-day cycles, but that I still have very regular and predictable cycles. I have been able to find insight through avoiding pregnancy, struggling with infertility, finally conceiving and walking through postpartum. The practice has given me the confidence not to let my doctor put me on hormones to “fix” my endometriosis but pursue other opinions from experienced doctors. Simply put, my life would be so different if I had not been exposed to natural fertility 4 years ago” 

Jordan, 24

Ways to learn

Create the learning experience that suits you from my following offerings or contact me to create something bespoke that will work for you.

1:1 or 1:couple Fertility Empowerment Mentoring

A 2 hour fertility empowerment session with full Natural Family Planning tuition followed by ongoing hour long sessions to provide cycle tracking support and mentoring as needed. An initial session, followed by 2 further hour long sessions over 3-6 menstrual cycles is recommended.

The initial 2 hour teaching session is £100. Further hour long mentoring sessions are £50 going forward. 

Fertility Empowerment Workshops

A 3 hour workshop to deepen menstrual awareness and experience greater fertility empowerment. Full Natural Family Planning tuition is provided so that you have all the tools you need to start confidently charting your cycle to achieve or prevent pregnancy naturally. The location of workshops can be arranged to suit the needs of the group.

This is valued at £50 per participant which includes a copy of my printed guidebook. Workshops require 4-6 pre-paid people to be booked.

Charting your fertility cycle; a guidebook

A guidebook for your growing menstrual awareness and fertility empowerment. This teaches you the facts about your fertility cycle and shows you to chart it using the Sympto-Thermal Practice of Natural Family Planning to either achieve or limit pregnancy naturally.

Downloadable £20. Hard copy £30 plus post & packing.

***COMING SOON!*** Fertility Empowerment Online Course

We are developing an online course to make natural fertility more accessible to more people. The course will include everything you need to know about menstrual awareness, fertility empowerment and tracking your fertility cycle using the Natural Family Planning Practice. Please subscribe below to keep in touch if you would like to hear more about this..

Moonlog and moonchart cycle tracking calendars

Menstrual tracking tool designed by Hayley to facilitate a year long, self-led menstrual awareness enquiry.

Downloadable copies £10-13. Hard copy £20 plus post & packing. Find them in my shop: