Introducing the moon log

As women in a masculine world, we have to work hard to support and invite our feminine self into healthy relationship with our masculine self; this is no easy task living within these patriarchal systems. In my experience, it requires a continual and steady dissolving of many years of conditioning that taught me to be like a man if I want to be valued or successful. We need a different way for everyone and we need it fast – this patriarchy is violating and killing our world.

I have a sense of what our world could be like if women came back to their bodies, back to their innate natural cycles and back to their power. It fills me with such a deep longing for change and I have infinite bags of hope that it is coming. My invitation to you with this moon log is to play an empowered role in dissolving the patriarchy by getting to know your unique connection to the cycle of the moon.

Using the moon log has enabled me to bring my feminine, cyclical nature to the forefront of my everyday life. It began as a tool to reveal how my menstrual cycle related to the moon and over time, has expanded to become central to my growing self awareness and spiritual practice. Initially I created it for myself and my close friends and now I want to share it with you.


Each person finds a unique and creative way to use the moon log to suit their style, cycle and needs. If you’re reading this because you already have one, what I write here are simply ideas to get started and I encourage you to be creative in finding your unique way of working with it. I’ve purposefully left the moon log with plenty of space for scribbling so you can use it as you need to and to record whatever is going on for you during each lunar cycle. Here are some suggestions for what to do with it based on my experience of using it …

Use your moon log to track your menstrual cycle

This is a really simple and beautiful practice to do to bring more awareness to your menstrual cycle if you have one. Simply mark the moons of your bleed each month and over time, see which moon phase your bleed arrives on. Learning when to expect it is very useful information in practical terms. More vitally, your menstrual rhythm holds huge power and magic so if you’re not already tapping into it, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.

example moon log

An example from last year’s moon log with my bleed in red, my cycle days in green. 

If you’re using the natural fertility method to either avoid or achieve pregnancy, the moon log is a wonderful tool to use alongside your natural fertility app. I sync the days of my cycle on the moon log by writing them into the inside of the circle. I find having something handmade and beautiful to refer to each day is much nicer and easier for me than having to check the app on my phone.

Resources – guide to natural fertility – I use Daysy to track my fertility – This book explains all

Use your moon log as a grounding, self centring practice

Keep your moon log somewhere significant and sacred in your home where you can be with it a little each day. Get comfortable, close your eyes and imagine roots spreading down from your body into the ground and take some deep, long breaths until you feel in touch with yourself. Use this time to check in with what is present for you. Write down anything that feels significant about your mood, dreams, frustrations, needs & desires next to that day’s moon. Over a few cycles, you may well find patterns emerging between how you are and what the moon is doing. This knowledge is empowering and incredibly grounding.

This practice can expand to include many things about your wellbeing each day – how you slept, what your dreams were like, how sociable you felt throughout the day, what you felt like doing etc etc. Over time, this knowledge supports your self care in alignment with the cycles of the moon – you may eventually realise you need to be completely alone on the full moon or that you need to be out doing something creative and exciting instead.

If you have a menstrual cycle, when you’re checking in also take note of which day of your cycle you’re on. Over a few months, there will be strong patterns emerging between how you are feeling and the moon cycles. If you find this daily menstrual cycle practice useful, explore the wisdom of the red school to go deeper.

As an example, as I write this my moon log tells me I’m on day 25 of my cycle, so I know I’ve entered my pre-menstrual zone and big hormone shifts are afoot. When I check in with my body, I find I feel tense, frustrated and quick to feel angry but because I know whats going on, I can adjust my day to accommodate my needs (and give my partner a heads up!).

Before I delved into this practice with my menstrual cycle, I thought I was crazy for half of the month! Now I understand how my subtle hormone changes work alongside the moon phases, I’m able to be more loving and patient with myself. I was not crazy – I was a beautifully in-tune, complex being and I was simply feeling all the real stuff.

Resources – The woman’s quest workbook – This book – Books by Lisa Lister 

Create a healing theme for each lunar cycle

When I turn over to a fresh month of the moon log, I give myself a theme to focus on. Its usually something that requires my attention or needs some healing and I write it clearly on the moon log as a title for the month. Recent themes for me have been ‘cultivate radical trust’, ‘I am, so I am loved’ or ‘feeling my value’.

It brings a focus to any inner healing work and serves as a foundation to come back to if you feel lost or confused about life or what you’re doing. Some months might have multiple themes, or an inspiring quote you’ve stumbled across or something to do with the astrology of that cycle. Whatever you decide to write on them each month, remember that it comes from you to meet your needs.

Use your moon log as a tool for manifesting

So this is an elaborate, super-witch version of creating a monthly healing theme using the new and full moons of each month.

new moon.jpg

On the new moon (or 1-2 days either side) set aside some time to check in with yourself, journal a stream of consciousness and do any practices you have for connecting inwards – for me that looks like some quiet alone time, some yoga and a card reading. When you’re feeling present and centred, ask yourself some questions … How am I feeling? What is present for me? How does my life feel right now? The answers to questions like these give you the raw material to craft an intention for yourself to work with over the coming lunar cycle.

Usually something like this jumps out at me:

  • ………… feels out of alignment
  • I’d really like to call in ………… to help me with …………
  • I really need or want to let go of …………
  • I am no longer willing to participate in …………
  • I’m ready to cultivate ………… for myself
  • I need to start saying no or yes to …………

Or it might be something practical like:

  • I need a new home
  • I want a new job
  • I need to fix my bike

Or if you don’t know exactly what you need, it might be more feeling based:

  • I want to feel ………… at work/ home/ with my partner
  • I’d like to not feel so …………

When it comes to intention setting – be specific, be clear, be honest and always draw from the highest thought of yourself. Oh, and be careful what you wish for!

In the space between the new and full moon you can re-visit your intention, cultivate trust in it and feel it in your body.

When it comes to the full moon, make some space once more to connect in with yourself and re-read your intention. How is it going? What has manifested? Does it still feel in alignment? What needs tweaking and what needs letting go off so you can make space for your manifestation? The full moon is when we start to see our manifestation taking shape and we can use this time to consciously act towards our intention. Fix your intention into your body by getting outside under the full moon, go on a moon walk, bathe in its glow, howl or whatever feels good for you.

In the space between the full moon and the next new moon, give thanks and have gratitude for all that you are manifesting.

Record your deep diving 

Deep diving is my way of describing any practice that brings you into relationship with the deepest parts of yourself. This is different for everyone but some examples might be paying attention to and recording your dreams, writing poems, shamanic work, stream of consciousness musings or journalling with the different energies of each moon. You could use the space around the moon log or on the back of each page to write about the pearls of wisdom you find deep diving with the moons.

I have a strong shamanic drumming and journeying practice which I align with the new and full moons and use it to go deeper with my intention setting. Each moon, I use the back of my moon log to record my experience and my journey. I love having the snap shot of where I’m at during the new and full moon on my moon log so I can process it holistically alongside my healing theme, my menstrual cycle and how I’m feeling day to day. At the end of the year, I love looking back over the things I’ve worked with.

Share the moon log with your friends

When empowered women come together aligned with the moon it is a beautiful thing that has the power to rebalance and heal our world. So share your reclaimed lunar wisdom with your friends, get obsessed with your moon connection and spread the word.

JanuaryThe more discipline you have with these lunar practices, the more you will heal what needs healing and manifest what you need. It’s not always comfortable and it is definitely not all love and light but that is not what this moon path is about. It brings us into real relationship with our body, ourselves and the world. For the most benefit, we need to be willing to look at our shit, stay with the deepest and dark corners of ourselves and be authentic every step of our cycle. These practices have worked for me for years so I know the moon log can become a powerful addition to the toolkit of any willing inner explorer. So gift yourself a moonlog here, own it, use it wholeheartedly and fall in love with your lunar cycles.

With love and hope for your lunar journey x