Land time

Having slow, unstructured, quiet time on the land is one of my favourite ways to spend time with my daughter. In fact I am very purposeful about making space for it in our week.

Unstructured land time is a powerful, instant antidote for anyone experiencing symptoms related to the crazy pace of life this culture promotes. I would say that unstructured land time is essential for anyone trying to parent with wellness and presence within this culture. Practices like this can become part of your village

I started filming this during our land time yesterday just after my daughter said, “Mummy this one is very special”. It was moving for me because this witch hazel tree was the very first plant I put in the ground in the herbal apiary garden 4 winters ago. Planted with it was an intention for part of my work here: to honour the mothers of unborn babies ~ and to remember the spirit babies that so many women in my life were losing at that time. Witch hazel flowers through the darkest point of the year and for me is deeply connected to the receptive (or feminine) parts within us. It was the right first tree to plant in this garden for women’s fertility health.

From next week, I will be offering regular spots for 1:1 birth story listening sessions. These sessions are for anyone who feels impacted by a birth or birth related experience ~ which includes the birth of those we have lost through miscarriage, abortion, premature birth and stillbirth. Email me to find out more. Love to you all x