Lockdown mamas

This week marks the anniversary of the 1st lockdown announcement.

What was happening in your life 3 years ago?

I’d just come to the end of my first 40 days of home rest & was ready to venture out into the world as ‘mama’. As we know that didn’t happen … so back in I went!


I experienced some of the darkest, scariest moments of my life locked down in postpartum.

I also made the most of my 1st mothering year at home. I found my own way. In some ways it was a blessing for us. In other ways it took its toll & had harmful lasting impacts.

It changed me & grew me into an extremely resilient, confident mother.


This year I’ve allowed myself the space to release whatever harm I still carry from becoming a new mother through lockdown.

I’ve been telling my story, wading in deep & restor(y)ing the beliefs I hold about myself from that time.

I’ve welcomed in huge healing relief, found cherished memories lost in the labyrinth of grief & gained new perspective.

Part of my process has been writing about my experience for the @poshdogpress publication centring the stories of lockdown mums.

I’ve chatted with other mothers who had similar experiences & have been writing & crying for months. It has been absolutely great!


These screenshots speak something of the experience of becoming a parent through pandemic times [I collected over time – please credit if you know them].

If you’re still feeling impacted by the pandemic, there is NOTHING wrong with you & you are very much not alone.

A strong response to what happened is/was a healthy & human one ~ the social context was inhumane & especially for new mothers.

Pre/postnatal anxiety & depression is/was a healthy human response to the stress & isolation of lockdown. & the health system wasn’t prepared for us.

The maternal/parental health impact of lockdown is still unravelling. The statistics coming through are shocking & understandable given the psychological impact lockdown had.


We are a wave of mothers too familiar in loss & isolation.

I see you. Your experience is valid. Your story is important. May it be welcomed & heard.

May new mums never experience anything like that again. Not on our watch.