What women say about their moonlog practice …

“The moon log supported me in various ways and changed my relationship to my menstrual cycle in a really positive way. It has made me much more in-tune with the world outside, as I have been keen to see what stage the moon is at through the month and try to understand how my body relates to it’s cycle.

Through doing this I also felt closer to women in a larger sense. Even if we are not all following the same regular pattern, it gives a sense of security to know that other women, even if we don’t know them, are following some sort of cycle set by the moon. It feels like a guiding energy, that is there for us to attune with, if we wish to.” 


Using the moonlog has given me peace of mind. it’s helped me understand my mood, cramps etc. it all makes sense when I look at my moon log. 

I really like the cyclical nature of the log. It feels much more natural and because you can visualise the cycle of each month, I feel that it makes one connected to the calendar. It feels so much more natural and removed from the sense of the ‘working week/ weekend’ that a traditional/ linear calendar tends to imply.” 


“Upon regaining a bleed, after not having one for such a long time, I really felt much more grounded. Before becoming pregnant again, I had 4 cycles and this really helped me to re-tune. I feel I learnt a lot about myself in that short time. I am now using the moon log as a pregnancy log. Each full moon marks a further month of the baby’s growth. I am noting down practical things like appointments, how many weeks/trimesters, but also things like dreams and the first time I felt the baby move. As the pregnancy progresses and becomes less abstract, I hope to add more to the log like physical/emotional changes.”


“I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a year ago, this moon log has helped me track how I have felt at different times in the month. Although my medication was disrupting my cycle, I was still able to see trends through the month and this gave me a real sense of stability when my cycle didn’t feel like a cycle at all. I discovered through my moon log that every month I had to take a day off work just before or as my period started due to exhaustion. I was able to be ready for the next time this was going to happen by using my log. 

Once my thyroid medication had settled down, my period has started on or very close to the full moon the past few months. I have really enjoyed talking to friends who I gave the moon log to, and comparing observations. It is so interesting to discover that we all go through similar things every month at the same point in our cycle.”


“I feel like I understand my cycle better and feel closer to it. I now understand better how my cycle affects my body and mind, and what different things happen at different times.”