2023 Moonlog calendar (downloadable PDF)

A handmade menstrual cycle tracker to deepen your menstrual awareness and reveal your unique lunar cycles.


You are a being attune to the moon. This moon log is a lunar calendar and a tool to track & reveal your unique lunar cycles.

Observe your moods, dreams, frustrations, needs & desires throughout the month & use this moon log to record anything that feels significant. Month by month, watch for your unique connection to the phases of the moon emerge.

This is your canvas – it has been purposefully left simple to leave you plenty of space for freestyle lunar scribbling. People use the moon log in unique ways – there is no right or wrong when it comes to the moon! It may be used simply as a calendar, some use it to track their menstrual cycle, others use it to record themes or intentions & dreamwork. One friend of mine writes poems to the full moon on the back of each month & how I use it includes all of the above and more … 

You can find some ideas for using this moon log to deepen your connection with yourself, your body & the moon here.

A little note about the moon graphics … The phases of the moon have been honoured over the numbered days of the month, so each log page begins with the new moon at the top. The start of each month is marked as ‘1’ & from there you can read each moon & each day clockwise.

May you deep dive into the darkness & rise shining with the light of the moon x

Whats included?

A moon log front & back cover page with monthly moon log pages compiled as a calendar. When you purchase, you shall receive the 12 months of 2023.

The prints are all hand drawn with text added digitally.

The dates, times & astrological signs for the new and full moons, with any eclipses/ supermoons are shown. 

Moon times currently available for GMT [London]. Other timezones are available at request for an extra charge.

The moon log is 21cms x 21cms as a hard copy and can be printed on A4 paper.