Receptive wisdom drops

A nourishing, protecting & balancing tincture for the womb & menstrual cycle

FEMININE WISDOM TINCTURE: Nourishing, protecting & balancing for the womb & menstrual cycle
Raspberry leaf ~ mineralising, nourishing, balances, tones, protective
Nettle ~ mineralising, nourishing, warming, fortifying, encourages emotional release of the cycle
Lady’s Mantle ~ tones, regulates, supports excessive bleeding, association with feminine power, supports healing of the mother line
Creating a smooth, easeful menstrual cycle
Menstrual discomfort, endometriosis & fibroids
Birth & postpartum support
Terminations & miscarriage
Menarche ceremony
Connecting to wisdom, creativity & feminine power
Birthing a creative project
Movement out of stuck situations
Healing the maternal line (without having to talk to your own mother!)