Hedgerow strength tincture

Conjures support, strength & resilience of the native hedgerow

HEDGEROW STRENGTH TINCTURE: Conjures support, strength + resilience of the native hedgerow
Crab apple ~ diversity = resilience, celebrating difference, revillaging, community building, supports transition in + out of community (an amazing lockdown anxiety support)
Hawthorn berry ~ return to your hearts rhythm, go at your own pace, nourish you so you can serve others + society, convalescence, pause, rest, time to heal + restore
Sloe ~ 1st to blossom, last berry to ripen = protection against adversity, frost makes them stronger, boundaries (fancy pushing through a Blackthorn hedge!?)
Stepping out of lockdown isolation
Resting after physical, mental or emotional illness
Returning from a period of ill health
Boundary work
Connecting to family + community
Recovery + healing at both an individual + family/group/community/societal scale
Any struggle with personal challenges relating to pressures from ‘the system’
(eg: living in patriarchy + the impact of the inner patriarch, everyday health impact of work/life challenges within capitalism system)
Conjuring a strong unified boundary to protect you from anything you need to fight
Standing your ground
Standing in personal power
Anxiety with IBS symptoms related to any of the above areas


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