Herbal smoke bundles (pre-order for 2023)

Mugwort, Lavender & Rosemary smoke bundles

Mugwort is our native, culturally appropriate smoke herb which I bundle up alongside aromatic herbs from the herbal apiary. This year’s blend will be lavender & rosemary. Mugwort is a dream keeper, hedgerow midwife & womb tender. She can be a guide for cyclical wisdom & labyrinth-like situations supporting the containment of ritual, receptivity & exploratory practices. I recommend working with her with intention because as you call on a gatekeeper, you also summon a gateway!

We may enter through Mugwort’s gate for:

~ supporting a (re)birth space: physical or symbolic

~ creative insight & visions beyond the linear mind

~ cleansing & marking ritual space, ceremony or circle

~ dreamwork

~ the descent of menstruation

~ self initiatory work to consciously enter the labyrinth

~ receptivity


Pre-orders will be made in July/August and sent out to you once they are dried.


As I make them, I speak intention into each tie so you have words/a feeling you’d like infused into one let me know.

There are 3 sizes;

S ~ inside single use £5

M ~ inside multiple use £8

L ~ outside use £10


Mugwort is contraindicated with pregnancy.

Please invite those using smoke/smudge to consider native herbs over imported ones that are deeply sacred to others. (Smudge is a word I’m using for clarity with the grief & awareness of its roots in indigenous practice not of these lands.) Inhaling smoke from herbs gathered around us is an instant way to connect to place so lets stick to our place.

I live in an area where wild harvesting is popular so I choose to gather Mugwort from the thriving plant communities I have nurtured from seed growing in the herbal apiary. As Mugwort’s medicine responds to a ritual container, I gather her with purpose at the same moon each year.


Small, Medium, Large