Bespoke herbal vaginal steam blend

A luxury herbal vaginal steam blend created just for you using herbs grown, gathered and processed with care

Treat yourself to a luxury bespoke herbal blend created especially for vaginal steaming. Each blend is prepared with loving care just for you using dried herbs of exceptional quality from my home dispensary.

All herbs have been respectfully and responsibly gathered in line with lunar cycles. Herbs have been cultivated on naturally tended land or gathered from organic or bio-dynamically tended land. In all cases, herbs have been grown on land that meets or exceeds Soil Association standards. Herbs have been processed and stored with meticulous care to ensure the very best quality.

There is approximately 60-80 grams of herbs in each pack depending on the weight of the plant matter used. Each pack makes around 10-15 steams depending on the desired strength. Herbs can often be brewed twice.

The packaging is fully compostable. To be stored in a cool dark place.

Please complete the short consultation form below when you make a purchase so I can select the herbs that best suit you. This is to ensure I don’t provide you with herbs that may be contra-indicated for you. This is a legal requirement for Herbalists selling herbs in the UK. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Thank you


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