Post-birth herbal care box

A post-birth herbal care box including 4 remedies to support and inspire a gentle, nourishing transition into motherhood.

I n s p i r i n g   a   g e n t l e ,   n o u r i s h i n g   t r a n s i t i o n   i n t o   m o t h e r h o o d.

It is said the care a new mother receives during her 4th trimester has lasting impacts on her health and sets the tone for the whole of motherhood. This herbal care box inspires a focus on her wellbeing right from the start. 

The box is full of powerful medicine ~ grown, gathered, and blended with care to honour and nourish the new mother in her wholeness. It is a thank you for all that she is and does. It acknowledges her innate value in nurturing the next generation. It is a celebration of her love for her baby. 

The box includes four remedies formulated to support the her in the first days, weeks and months post-birth.

Mother love drops ~ For gentle emotional holding and connection with the land through your transition into motherhood. Rose tincture blended with an oxymel (50% apple cider vinegar, 50% honey) infused with fresh herbs growing on the land during the mother’s birth window. 20ml.

Ritual bath soak ~ to soothe any swelling or bruising and create a space to return to your body following the opening of birth. A blend of calendula, yarrow, daisy & comfrey. Enough for 3 ritual baths/footbaths.

Womb nourish tea ~ a deeply nourishing tea to remineralise and support the womb in all ways. A blend of nettle, yarrow, red clover & rose. Makes 20ish pots.

Milk flows tea ~ Fennel seed & chamomile ~ a calming, galactagogue tea to support the start of your breastfeeding journey. Makes 20ish pots.(Is replaced with another calming tea if the mother chooses not to breastfeed ~ let me know.)

All ingredients are organic. All herbs are grown regeneratively on organic land, hand harvested with lunar cycles for optimum potency and lovingly home processed. An information and advice sheet for working with the remedies is included in the box. This includes information on the herbs, with guidance for use and a suggested affirmation to work with alongside each remedy. Remedies are presented in reusable glass dropper bottles or compostable packaging within a beautifully packaged compostable box. 

Please note: the herbs listed above are included here as a guide only. To ensure I comply with UK guidelines for herbalists supplying medicinal herbs, there is a short medical consultation questionnaire for the mother (or you on her behalf) to complete to ensure I supply herbs that are safe and appropriate. I will email you this upon receiving your order and before the care box is made.

Get in touch if you would like to purchase any of these remedies separately. I also offer post-birth vaginal steam blends.