Dartmoor wise vision tincture

For seeing what you need to see

WISE VISION TINCTURE: Seeing what you need to see
Dartmoor Heather ~ intuition, magic, patience, reciprocity to place (grows at particular altitude with particular mycelium), understanding self in wider contexts, urinary anti-septic
Dartmoor Bilberry ~ seeing, noticing + appreciating what’s important, details, nourishing to eyes
Intuition + embracing inner wisdom
Connecting to land (nature connection, rewilding, foraging, hunting)
Working with ancient lands + stones
Vision quests + personal pilgrimage
Seeing what you need to see
Guiding next steps
Decisive action over emotional reaction
Having patience, the eagle eye view
Seeing the self clearly in relationships
Blepharitis + styes
Cleansing urinary system + cystitis


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