Supported by herbs.

Supported by herbs is a unique, trauma informed process through which I offer herbal guidance alongside nutritional advice, mentoring, lifestyle coaching, solution focused therapy, menstrual cycle awareness, nervous system awareness, somatic understanding, story medicine and ritual.

Is this what you need?
Am I the right person to work with?

Supported by herbs will improve your life if you experience:

~ Painful periods ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Overwhelm ~ Insomnia ~ Fertility challenges ~ Endometriosis ~ Fibroids ~ Cystitis ~ HPV ~ Herpes ~ Thrush ~ IBS ~ Skin & Immune conditions ~ Fatigue … and more.

Supported by herbs will help you:

~ get to the root cause of new or ongoing physical discomfort/ symptoms and understand how to ease/heal them

~ if you’re not feeling well enough for the life you want to live

~ if you have trouble eating or sleeping well

~ navigate a big change, transition or loss in your life

~ identify and understand your capacity for stress, your stress responses and how these impact you

~ move through feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or depression

~ identify and release challenging experiences, feelings or situations that are holding you back

~ explore changes to your lifestyle and diet to improve your overall health and wellness

~ feel new levels of vitality in your body

~ create more meaning in your life

~ find a healthier balance between doing, working, activity and rest

~ create and maintain healthier boundaries

~ build self worth, self respect and self trust

~ understand your needs, desires and longings

~ develop a personalised toolbox of remedies, skills, rituals, self care practices and community care practices for feeling more connected and resilient

~ cultivate a sense of belonging to yourself, your body, in your relationships and to life

This work won’t be helpful for you if:

~ you need a diagnosis, a cure or quick fix

~ you’re not feeling ready or able to make shifts in your lifestyle, diet, patterns of behaviour or relationships

~ you’re not willing to explore how your physical symptoms relate to your emotional or soul life

My approach ~
What makes me different to other herbalists?

I believe your body has an innate healing capacity and with the right support, will naturally move towards a state of wellness. I opt for a gentle approach that has profound, immediate responses. I engage with your body, mind, story and soul; I see everything as relevant and connected. I will dowse your body to ascertain suitable approaches and which herbs will best support you. 

I empower you to have an active role in your journey towards optimum health; the supported by herbs process is participatory between me, your whole being, experience and story to date. Everything that has happened to you leads us to the present moment. The herbs and I will meet you there ~ wherever you are ~ in a brave space where transformation can occur. We will go deep and take as much time together as we need to explore the root causes of any symptoms, imbalance or dis-ease you are experiencing. 

You will leave consultations with a clearer understanding of what is impacting your health and why. Following each consultation, you will receive an easy to follow, written treatment plan alongside gentle doses of herbs. 


The herbs you receive

For optimum potency, the remedies I create are lovingly hand-gathered, carefully hand-processed, stored in the dark and administered from my home dispensary. The potency and vibrancy of the herbs in my dispensary often far exceeds people’s expectations due to the regenerative way they are grown, how they are harvested (with optimum solar and lunar conditions), how quickly they are dried and the way they are stored. All the herbs I work with are either organically grown in my herb garden or seasonally and responsibly wild-gathered.

You have the option of having consultations at the healing ground of the herb garden where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn about the plants you’ll work with.

I am deeply connected to and respectful of the herbs I grow, harvest and work with and choose to work with the herbs we find on our doorstep before turning to healing plants from other cultures or continents.

Herbs are administered in the form of drops/tinctures, teas or tonics and are created uniquely for you to initiate your body’s innate healing responses.

Your investment

When booked individually, each hour long consultation is valued at £75. 

A block of 3 pre-booked consultations cost £185 (giving you a £40 saving). Your block needs to be used within a 3 month period (one consultation a month over 3 months).

How do we put a value on your health and wellness?

I offer the block discount when you book 3 sessions at a time so we have the best chances of creating long lasting health shifts for you. I value your commitment to seeking support for your own wellbeing and my experience shows that this work is most effective when there is some continuity ver time.

Why are my prices what they are? 

The investment I ask for has been calculated carefully to ensure I pay myself a living wage to offer this work from a place of being resourced and supported myself. 

If you are unemployed, a single parent, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or historically marginalised and finances are a barrier for you in receiving support for your health, please get in touch. I offer 2 concessionary consultations a month which can be booked up by you in advance. I am also open to part-exchanges so feel free to make me an offer. 

How much do herbs cost?

The bespoke herbal remedies I prepare (teas, tinctures, tonics) need to be paid for separately and are valued between £10-20 each. You will be invoiced for remedies upon receiving your treatment plan which will be emailed to you a few days after each session. We will discuss and agree the amount you want to invest on herbs before they are made so there are no surprises. The minimum you will pay for each remedy is £10, rising to around £30.

How do consultations work?

Once you’ve got in contact, booked in and paid, you’ll receive an extensive consultation form by email to complete. This provides me with a lot of background information about you and your health before we meet, saves session time and allows us to go deeper faster. All information you provide is kept strictly confidential. 

I offer online sessions and in person sessions at the herb garden (if you are local to me). Sessions require absolute privacy and childcare if required. 

Payments for sessions are not refundable. Sessions may be rescheduled free of charge with 24 hours notice of a change. You will need to pay the extra £40 if you book a block but do not use them within the 3 months.

Please remember that I will not be diagnosing or solely treating physical symptoms with herbs. Working with me is a journey in a holistic, sensory way that will tend to your body, mind, being and soul to treat root causes of dis-ease. This approach is highly effective for all physical symptoms whilst also understanding them on emotional, cultural, psychological and spiritual level.

Wondering if I can help you?

Contact me to request a free 15 minute connection call here.

During your connection call we will discuss what you’re experiencing and where you’d like to be. Whether we decide to work together or not, you’ll learn something about where you’re at from our conversation.