Sensory Herbalism is based on the belief that all living organisms have an innate healing capacity and with the right help and support, the body will naturally move towards a state of health and balance. It uses a gentle approach that can have profound, immediate responses or take time to encourage the body’s natural rhythms to reset. The practice of Sensory Herbalism is focused on empowering you towards optimum health. 

As a practitioner, I am here to support you in understanding the root cause of any dis-ease in your body. I will recommend gentle doses of locally, hand-gathered herbs in the form of drops/tinctures, teas and tonics to initiate your body’s own innate responses.

What I offer through Sensory Herbalism is true wholistic healthcare that engages with all aspects of your self and your body. Through our process together, I explore and understand the emotional root causes of any symptoms or dis-ease and will support you in learning about your emotional health and how it effects the unique terrain of your body.

I am deeply connected to the herbs I grow, gather and administer. The medicines I create are lovingly hand-gathered from the garden, hand-processed and carefully administered from my home dispensary. The herbs I work with are either naturally grown in my herb garden or are seasonally and sustainably wild-gathered. 

I administer a combination of tonics, herbal teas and tincture drop doses to initiate internal energetic and immunological responses within the body to encourage innate healing. Each medicine I administer is made fresh after a session and is carefully selected to be entirely bespoke to the unique needs of my clients.

As well as administering herbs, I also offer lifestyle coaching and nutritional recommendations to support you on your health journey. I use dowsing with your body to ascertain suitable approaches to aid in your unique healing process.

The healing contract ~ your investment

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions together over a 6 week period for you to receive the best value from the process ~ a 1st session, then 2 weeks later a 2nd session and a 3rd within a month. Further sessions can be booked thereafter as desired. Each session lasts an hour and is valued at £45. Sessions may be cancelled free of charge with at least 24 hours notice. More than 2 cancellations within the our 1st 3 sessions together may terminate our healing contract depending on the circumstances.

Any remedies made for you will need to be paid for separately. Herbal tea blends are valued at £5-20, tinctures/drops £5-15 and bespoke herbal tonics vary between £5 and £20. You will be invoiced for remedies upon receiving a written treatment plan following each session. We can agree and approve the total amount you want to invest before the herbs are made up for you.

I ask for you to please contact me asap if you become aware of any possible reactions to the herbs I administer.