Fertility Empowerment Mentoring

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Fertility awareness is an empowered lifelong relationship with body and self. 

If you are reading this, you may already be aware of the power that lies in understanding your fertility cycle. You may feel certain that NFP is right for you, you may be curious to find out more or perhaps you’re reading with scepticism, wondering whether it really works at all? Wherever you find yourself on your fertility journey,


For centuries, women held an innate awareness of their fertility cycle that enabled them to make empowered fertility choices for themselves and their body. It is only in the last 70 years that this knowledge has been pushed to the edge of our awareness and lost to the majority of women and women’s health professionals.

For me, discovering this knowledge felt like coming home to my female body. It was as if my foremothers were handing me ancient wisdom about what it truly means to be a fertile woman. Continued integration of the Natural Family Planning (NFP) practice heightens my awareness of my body, empowers my experience as a woman and deepens my connection with my partner. I have been using the practice for over 3 years and am passionate about sharing this knowledge to support others on their fertility empowerment journey. This work is fuelled by my passion for spreading greater menstrual awareness and is supported by my work as a Sensory Herbalist.

During our time together I will teach you how to use the Sympto-Thermal Practice of NFP to either achieve or limit pregnancy naturally. With perfect use, the practice is 99% effective as a form of contraception. If you want to achieve pregnancy, the method increases your chances of conception by 33%. My teaching is enriched by a toolkit of holistic wellbeing practices for your deepening menstrual and fertility wellbeing including the moonlog practice, nutritional support, herbal remedies, herbal steams, rituals and affirmations.

How  it works

Mentoring is structured over 3 sessions, across 3 complete menstrual cycles so you become fully comfortable and confident using the method. With my support, you’ll learn how to observe, chart and read your fertility signs to accurately determine when you are fertile or infertile. 

If you are in a partnership, it isn’t necessary for your partner to participate but they are always welcome to join should you want that. If you plan to use the practice as a form of contraception with a long term partner, I recommend they be present for the 1st session. This will deepen a shared awareness of your feriltity cycle and will encourage clear communication going forward for your ongoing fertility journey together. 

Session one – 2 hours 

This session is for you to share where you are on your fertility journey and where you would like to be. I invite you to come to this session with all your questions, experiences, doubts, fears, hopes and wishes for your fertility. This is a safe space where all is welcome and held tenderly. 

I will introduce you to the magic of your fertility cycle and what natural fertility looks like. It will ideally happen a few days after your period begins. You will learn how to start charting your cycle as part of the Sympto-Thermal Practice to either achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. You will leave with the Charting Your Cycle Guidebook, your 1st chart and a moon log calendar to get started and study the method in your own time. 

Session two – 1 hour

 We interprete your 1st complete cycle chart together, check in with how its going for you and respond to what is needed. This session lasts 1 hour.

Session three- 1 hour

We interprete your 2nd and 3rd charts together. We will reflect on how it has been for you so far and make a plan for how you’d like to go forward. This session happens at the end of your 3rd cycle. 

Between sessions, I am available to you by email as you have questions and queries.

Your contribution 

In order for this work is accessible to all, I offer a sliding scale rate and am sometimes open to part exchange offers when my low rate is too much. My higher rate has been set to accommodate this flexibility. Your monetary investment is seen as a contribution to spread this knowledge to those who most need it. The more funds I recieve, the more women I can serve so I trust you to choose the amount that best fits your valuing of the work and your current finances. 

The contribution for Fertility Empowerment Mentoring is a sliding scale of £200-320.

How to get started

Please contact me below to enquire about mentoring and I will reply to arrange payment and schedule a time for our 1st session.

I look forward to hearing from you x