You belong

These images give you a sense of the beautiful earthen work of processing root medicine from the herb garden. Dandelion root always reminds me that we all already belong. We belong to this earth ~ our home planet. Some call the force of belonging gravity. Others call it the earth’s love holding her children in close (thanks to Stephan Harding for introducing me to this language). The earth already claimed us long ago – we don’t actually need to work so hard at staying grounded … we can simply remember that we are in a body, that is made from and innately belongs to this earth. We are already here. We have already arrived and we already belong.


Dandelions are spreading so fast across the planet because humans desperately need their medicine. Dandelion root guides us to the root of it through our gut. Cleansing us, nourishing us and returning us to a place of belonging in the great web of life. Get in touch if you’d like to try some.